Transcription: This is the process of transforming your sermons, Bible classes, and seminar messages into text, which can be organized into a book, manuals, devotionals and newsletters.
Editing: This is the process of checking the text for formatting, for grammar, punctuation, typographical errors, inconsistencies in point of view and tenses, redundancies, sentence clarity, titles and quotes that you need to check for accuracy.
Book Structure Development: When we rewrite a client’s manuscript, we are not altering its essential content. Its facts, details, tone, and information come out exactly the same as they were before. Rewriting your manuscript upgrades the wording of your manuscript to make the work publishable.
Content Generation: Creative writing is not a major challenge for us because we listen to our client’s ideas by assisting them to organize the flow of their initiative and structuring the text to inform the reader.
Cover Design: Our graphic designers will create for you a state of the art cover that meets the market demands. The Creative Director will collaborate with our professional graphic designers to design a top quality cover that will appeal to consumers and book buyers in the marketplace. You will have final approval of the front cover and of the back cover before it is sent to the printer.
Book Layout: Our Professional typesetters will layout your book’s interior. If your interior includes illustrations or photos our typesetters will assist you in creating a design that fits the style and genre of your book.
Printing: We will send you proofs for the cover and text files. We check the files to make sure there are no defects. Then the files are printed and your finished books are delivered to you. Based on our agreement, we can print 250, 500, 1000…20,000 copies of your book and taking into consideration your desired size and format.
eBook Distribution & Promotion: Through this service, our authors enjoy the convenience of having their eBooks delivered to all the leading eBook retail websites including: Amazon (for kindle), Barnes & Noble (for NOOK), Apple’s iBookstore (for ipad), Sony Reader Store, Kobo (for Kobo Touch), Copia, Gardners (UK book wholesaler), Baker & Taylor, eBookPie.
Audio Books Publishing: We can also convert your books into audio book format. It will be produced on a CD or multiples of it depending on the volume, and will be distributed through iTunes, and other online platforms. Books are recorded in specially designed recording studios with a director and engineer on each session.
Book Translation: We can also translate your books to either Spanish or French so that it can reach a wider audience
Marketing Campaigns: GK Publishing will engage in proactive marketing campaigns, both digital and printed to increase sales potential and awareness of products. This includes development of book campaign website for client showcasing book samples.