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The working of purpose in the heart of a person is a call to live life to the fullest potential. Purpose is a seed that yearns for recognition and fruitful expression. Unconsciously, many youths attempt to satisfy this inner longing to fulfill purpose by engaging in various activities, hoping that they will gain a true identity of their self, and ultimately find fulfillment in life. However, until a person discovers their purpose and passionately pursues the attainment of destiny, there will always be emptiness.

It is highly important for a person to understand their purpose early in life, and what it takes to live a purposeful life. The strength of your youthful years should be devoted to developing your purpose, so you can live your life serving the fruit of your purpose to humanity. It is by living purposefully that one is fulfilled and enjoys satisfaction in life. In addition, a life without purpose becomes increasingly dissatisfying over time.

If you are struggling with your identity or what you are meant to be passionately devoted to in life, the truths in this book will help give you clarity. The author walks the reader through practical steps to discover identity and understand purpose. This book is sure to inspire, stimulate, and challenge you to take vital steps in understanding and beginning to fulfill your purpose at an early age.In the discovery of purpose, passion is ignited and life will begin to have meaning! Start living today!


Moyo Mamora is a dynamic leader and an insightful teacher of the Word of God. He studied computer engineering at the University of Oklahoma, Norman. In his senior year, he served as the vice president of the African Christian Fellowship. He is the founder of Eden Life, Inc., an outreach organization whose mission is to bring the comfort of God’s love to the broken hearted, rebuild the broken communities by the blessing of God, and by the same preach the message of restoration, one person at a time.

As a part of this initiative, he is the Chief Editor of the Eden Life Magazine, an online Christian magazine with articles on Faith, Relationships, Finances, and Opinions. The site also features daily devotionals for victorious daily living. Visit the Eden Life Magazine at

He currently serves as a dedicated minister to the work of God at his local assembly, Kingsword International Church (KIC), Chicago. He heads the college campus outreach ministry of KIC, ministering in college campuses around the United States at College Ignite Conferences, with a message of faith, purpose, and living a spirit filled life in the blessing.