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“Rocks, sinew, moss and dripping encountered my shaggy breath. Twines and thorns clipped to my leg and the slimy insects that kept on moving in slow swirls around the molds of deprecated tombstones. The dead lived here. Nothing was as scary as the bones. Sunken, broken, dilapidated and shattered, they were spread across the valley like a historic battlefield where none had claimed victory. The old wrinkled man stood beside the gigantic gate, a sign anchored with rusty metal on dry wooden frame. It was a simple message for all to see who dared enter.”

“The Valley of Dead Dreams”

““Weak and pathetic!” His voice was like a knell. “You are weaker than I thought. Will you go back or will you begin the journey?”

Here I was, facing the hardest decision of my life. I was running out of time with no one to assist in choosing my fate; it was my decision to make. Standing on feeble feet, alone, to choose my destiny… should I step forward or step backward? Either way, I had to take a step… with faith battling the stranglehold of fear. I closed my eyes and braced myself, then took a step forward, and then another.
Every step felt like I was sinking into my doom.

— —

The Valley of Dead Dreams is an inspired revelation of a world where dreams go when they are unfulfilled in the real world. This powerful story is told with captivating and riveting imagery, visionary detail and narrated in first person.

Enter into a world of dreams, fascinating landscapes, and realms within realms. See the battle of life unfold before your very eyes; the valley of dead dreams will expose the truth of the spiritual realm and showcase a reality where actions and inaction meet the truth of consequence.


Rotimi is called to be a catalyst to this generation, to help people discover their God-given purpose and reach their full potential. He does this by equipping and nurturing individual talents through mentorship and by providing the necessary resources. Through his vision, diverse creative minds are raised to impact their generations.
Rotimi is the Chief Executive Officer of Godkulture, a global organization he founded in 2001, which builds creative platforms to engage and empower individuals, organizations and businesses through an integration of creative expression and art.
His personal mantra is providing global solutions to global challenges and he is dedicated to Kingdom expansion through diverse media. He oversees three thriving companies presently: Godkulture Creative Agency, Godkulture Publishing and Kulture Records. He is also the facilitator of a training series titled: Kingdom Branding.
As an entrepreneur, Rotimi is devoted to thinking outside the box. This is expressed via business development, design, creative communications, advertising and public relations. Rotimi exhibits proven expertise driven towards enterprise efficiency, productivity and customer loyalty through branding, strategy and creative marketing.
Rotimi organizes talk shows, youth outings, and musical concerts. He uses his writing, web design and graphics talents to create positive change and to empower people into fully achieving their purpose in life.
Rotimi lives in Chicago, USA. He is currently the Outreach Head of KAINOS College Ministry and team lead of the drama ministry of KingsWord International Church, Chicago.