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PURPOSE REDEFINED is a plethora of fresh revelation and cutting edge insights that are revolutionary and upsetting to the status-quo. It takes an unconventional, radical approach on such words that have been traditionally used to define purpose and it lucidly analyzes passion, gifts, talents, calling and their contextual relevance to the theme of purpose.

Sam Ore, in a style that is conversational and instructional at the same time, takes you on a journey of personal re-discovery of your spiritual DNA-an important requirement to subdue identity crisis. He also, in a combative and confrontational approach cracks the code surrounding recession calling it “a myth.” He believes that this is the best time to live for those who can make the spiritual and mental transition into the reality of abundance.

In this book you’ll learn how to:

  • – Avoid irrelevant information overload, a dangerous trend that can be counter- productive to your destiny if not properly managed.

  • – Transition into the fullness of your God-given assignment in a systematic way using doable, strategic systems.

  • – Create an effective, personal brand for healthy competitions in an era of aggressive globalization.


Sam Ore


Sam Ore and his wife, Debby are the founders and Senior pastors of Kingdom Ambassadors Christian Center, a multi-racial, vibrant Church presently located in Largo, Maryland, from where they are raising and empowering influential Godly leaders through the demonstration of the power of God and the Word of faith.

Sam Ore’s passionate, consuming vision in life is to help other people achieve theirs. There are factual, eloquent testimonies to this truth in the lives of his protégés who are experiencing their purpose in various countries across the globe. They include successful, Godly pastors, business people, politicians, bankers, lawyers, doctors, and other professionals. He and his beautiful wife live with their four Godly children in Silver Spring, Maryland.


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