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Amelia “Lia” Zebororie is a hard-headed teenage girl who doesn’t really care about anyone but her best friend Zach Stallion. After her dad leaves during the summer before her sophomore year of high school, her walls to the world just get thicker.

During the first week of the new school year, she meets a preppy girl named Britney whose family moved over during the summer. Zach seems to get along with Britney, but Lia being a no-nonsense gal can’t stand her. Zach and Britney start spending more time together and become great friends.

A tragedy involving Britney and Zach happens one night during spring break. What happens and how will Lia deal with it?


Dunamis Ore is currently a 17 year old homeschooled senior, who takes group classes at Shabach Christian Academy. She has a passion for acting and writing which started in 2nd grade. However, she was inspired by her 5th grade teacher to start writing more.

She began writing this book for fun towards the end of her last year in middle school until she was recently advised to publish it for a wider audience. Dunamis currently lives with her parents and siblings in Maryland.