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If you are born again, you are destined to overcome life’s challenges, excel and succeed. To attain that success, you need to be empowered with the truth of God’s Word. This book shows that every outstanding victory is traceable to discovered truths.

The Unstoppable Life shows you the highways to the supernaturally abundant life available for you in Christ Jesus. This life changing material teaches you what it takes to rise above life’s obstacles, and also reveals secrets to a fruitful life. Get ready!

Amos Thomas is the president and founder of My Father’s House Ministries International, a ministry dedicated to the preaching of infallible biblical principles. An architect by training, he has expanded his expertise from just designing buildings to building lives across nations through his message of transformation. Many years ago, God spoke to him to raise Him uncommon generation.

In line with this vision, He founded Raising Uncommon Generation (RUG). RUG is a program designed by the order of God to build the youth through the teaching of grace and responsibility. In line with his mandate to help God’s people walk in His fullness for their lives, he travels around the globe preaching and establishing the will of the Father.

He believes that nothing is wrong with man as long as he is right with God. His message is simple and direct. “Come to Jesus as you are, and He will give you rest.”

He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, where he runs seminars on victorious living.