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Meet the author, BOBBY PERRY


* Founder & Pastor, Kingdom Builders’ Worship Center, Boston.
* With over 1000 Kingdom Builders.

* Establishing the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven.
* Awakening a passionate lifestyle of worship among Believers.

A Worshipper & Songwriter
* Founded Bobby Perry and RAIN.
* Produced Albums: All About You (2006) & Conquerors (2011).

* Just BE!
* Light Carriers (Coming soon.)


It is God’s desire that we bear much fruit. This cannot be accomplished by our own strength. However, through Christ in us we can do all things. Our ability to do greater works is based on the degree of our intimacy with Him.

Christianity addresses our need to belong to someone greater than us. It also challenges and changes what we believe. As we continue studying the Word of Christ and applying its principles to our lives, it will impact how we behave which ultimately produces what we will become.

In my newly published book titled, JUST BE! you will learn a lot about how to:

Belonging to God’s Family
Believing Him
• Leaving the Past Behind
Beginning a New Walk
Beseeching Him
Behaving Like Christ

You can obtain copies of it @
or simply call Phone: 617-474-9871
or email publishing(a)