Step 1

Receive material from client (Manuscript, CD, Transcript or Outline)


Step 2

Invoicing (Price Estimation Invoice)


Step 3

Client Approves pays Project Commencement Fee


Step 4

Transcribing/ Rewriting/ Writing/ Editing (Depending on the material provided by client); Cover design can begin concurrently


Step 5

Client Review and Approval; if approved go to Step 7, else step 6


Step 6

Modify document; go back to step 5


Step 7

Text approved and ready for Book Layout


Step 8

Approve Cover Design


Step 9

Client pays balance of production cost including printing and shipping


Step 10

With the approval of the Client, the eBook is uploaded in all platforms


Step 11



Step 12





(1) Project Commencement is when our Finance and Administration department has received the Project Commencement Fee.


(2) Our Timelines do not include wait periods while client is reviewing their book or while GK Publishing is waiting for approval through email. No verbal approvals will be accepted. There is no exception.